About Us

          Fanov is a young wig brand.We hope that through our understanding of wigs, we can provide every lady who loves beauty with wigs she likes.We started as an OEM wig factory and have been doing this for over 20 years.We offer a wide range of product styles to American brands, Japanese brands, and Korean brands.We have accumulated a lot of experience in the use and production of products.At this time, we also have our own understanding and understanding of wig products.

          At that time, making products only for customers could not reflect our understanding of products.So we created the brand in 2016.We started to produce wig products according to our ideas.


Mission Statement
We strive to encourage our clients to reclaim their true, one of a kind beauty with confidence.
We will realize this mission by:
- Promoting the important act of self-expression
- Exceeding industry standards for top quality products
- Creating trendsetting styles for the modern cosmopolitan
- Innovating new technologies to revolutionize the hair industry
- Developing an ever growing portfolio to meet the needs of our clients