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Which synthetic wig looks more natural?

Probably everyone who wears a wig wants it to look more natural, so how can we tell how natural a synthetic wig is?

For now, Roman hair is the most natural hair.Roman hair can help women easily get a very real and realistic look.Nowadays, synthetic wigs have been so much improved in quality and naturalness that if you choose a high quality synthetic wig, people will have a hard time telling the difference from real hair.

Today we are going to talk about which synthetic wigs look more natural in three ways.

Wig material:

Synthetic fiber wigs are man-made fibers, such as acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, karon fiber and protein fiber, which are made into thin threads similar to human hair.Protein fiber is the fiber closest to human hair, but because of its high cost, synthetic hairpiece manufacturers rarely use it.At present, karon fiber is the most widely used material.

Wig style:

In the case of synthetic wigs, straight hair is the easiest to achieve a natural look.Sweet wavy hair can still achieve a soft and natural look without too much effort.Curly and bouncy curls may be brighter.Also, the smaller the curl, the more natural the wig will be.

Wig type:

The front lace wig is a great choice for wig wearers as it gives you a natural hairline.The lace is an almost perfect imitation of naturally growing hair, close to human skin, especially the hairline.You need to trim the lace part of your hair so that it blends well with your own hair so it looks more authentic.

Choosing a wig that suits you also takes into account your skin tone, face shape, style and care.Fanov Wig has been providing customers with high quality synthetic fiber wigs, you can also feel free to ask any questions about wigs here, we will give you the most professional answers.See you later.

  • Jul 20, 2019
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