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What are your stories about wigs?

Maybe you just heard the word "wig", but you haven't worn it personally, and you're a little strange to it. Maybe you bought your first wig yesterday with a little excitement in your heart. Or maybe you have forgotten when it started and wearing it has become a habit in your daily life. It's the usual thing. Today, I want to tell you the story of me and wigs. I hope that through this story, we can arouse people's minds. It may be interesting when they first come into contact with wigs.

When I was very young, there were many beautiful wigs specially made for children in the market, but I don't know what kind of material it is. At that age, I always feel beautiful.

In high school, I was still a beautiful girl. Every day I was thinking about what kind of hairstyle I would like to have today. I also tried to cut, perm and dye my hair in a barber's shop. But after all, our own hair couldn't stand all kinds of torture, so I had to have my hair trimmed for a while. Let it grow again. But before I grow new hair, I'm still not satisfied with my hairstyle, so it's very coincidental that wigs have become my "new friends" during this period, but at that time, I really didn't know that wigs also need care and maintenance, so later, wigs will be tangled and some other conditions, over time, I abandoned it. (Again, a solemn reminder: Be sure to wash and care for your wig so as to prolong its life!)

Until now, I began to do the work on wigs, I have learned a series of knowledge about wigs, such as: the process of making wigs, the difference and characteristics between chemical and human hair, how to maintain your wigs, how to make a shape of chemical wigs, how to clean your wigs, and so on. Although I know a lot about wig knowledge and skills, as long as I see a beautiful wig, I still want to try on it, or want to be the beautiful girl.

In addition, I would like to say that although wigs are divided into chemical hair and human hair, this does not mean that chemical hair must be bad, or it depends on the difference between products and products.

Have you started to recall your experience with wigs? Are you still the girl who loves beauty? Hope that you can see your loveliness, beauty and growth from your memories. Well, let's talk about it today. If you have more questions about wigs, you can continue to pay attention to us. Goodbye!

  • Jul 08, 2019
  • Category: Story
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