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How to do synthetic wig?

Wig wearers are sure to experience wig tangles, so please don't freak out and throw your wigs in the trash, because we have a way to help you deal with this annoying problem.

There are things to do with a tangled wig: a wig stand, spray hair separation, fabric softener, wide-toothed combs, and towels.

First, wash your wig.While some people don't recommend washing wigs to begin with, you should be aware that wig dust is one of the causes of wig tangles.Rinse with cold water (mix some fabric softener), but if your wig is dirty, loosen it with warm water to remove the dirt more easily.

During hair washing, wet the wig with conditioner or a light oil to keep it from tangling. Avoid heavy oil that can cause buildup or debris. After 20 minutes, rinse the wig with cold water, wrap your wig in a towel, soak up excess moisture, don't squeeze or rub, and hang the wig to dry.

Use your fingers to clean up some tangles, taking time and patience to clean up slowly.When you find the tangles with your fingers, slowly move them down and separate them.After you use your fingers to clean up the tangles, it will be easier to use the comb.Comb in the right order, because if you comb first, the fibers can fall off, and that's what we're trying to avoid.

Comb your wig evenly from top to bottom, as opposed to the traditional comb from the scalp to the bottom.Note that combing the wig from head to tail can cause the fibers to fall off easily.If you find a tangle, gently comb it with half a roll, then gently push it to the bottom until it's a fibril tangle, continue to comb and separate the tangles until they're no longer tangles, and you're done.As for curly hair, you can remove it with a little wig spray and then move your hands around it.

Now that your wig is no longer knotted or wrinkled, you can wear it later or store it.Remember to treat it gently and take good care of it.

  • Jul 27, 2019
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