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How to cut lace for a wig ?

For someone new to wigs, they might think, what's the point of cutting the lace off the front if you have to cut the front?That's because people have different hairlines, and some people like to run their hair through lace.

So how to lace the front lace wig?Is there a quick and easy way?Can I look as natural as possible?If you do have these questions, try these tips.



  1. Get a pair of pink scissors, which you can buy from a fabric store, or you can buy a pair of textured scissors when you're cutting your hair.Both scissors have serrated edges, and serrated edges are key to making your hairline look natural and realistic.Zigzag shapes help further blend lines visually.
  2. Put the wig on the model's head and put the hairpin back.If you don't have a mannequin, put a wig on your head, tie it up, and hang it down so it can be cut off.
  3. Take your pink scissors and cut the lace closeto the hairline.If you are too nervous and cut the wrong way, you can cut the lace away from the hairline.For the lace in the middle of your forehead, cut it short to make it look more natural.
  4. Pull out any hair that might fall out of the lace mesh.Now you can put on your wig.In addition, foundation helps blend colors similar to skin.Remember, don't apply too much foundation or it will get stuck in the holes in the lace mesh.
  • Aug 07, 2019
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