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How to curl synthetic wig without heating

Are you also depressed for not being able to heat your own artificial wigs? Since many cheap chemical fiber wigs are not heat resistant, if you insist on using the thermal crimping process, your chemical fiber wigs will melt as a result. Today we will learn how to curl synthetic wig without being exposed to heat.


Tips when curling synthetic wig:

When we talk about chemical fiber, there is a problem we have to consider. Do you know what it is? Congratulations, you got it! The question is: you need to know clearly if your wig is heat resistant. You can find various channels to find answers, such as: check the internal product tags, view the product details page, contact the wig company. No matter what brand your wig is, how expensive it is, be sure to check the heat resistance of the wig before using the heating tool. Therefore, always perform a thermal test on the wig before any damage is caused.


Curlized fiber tools:

Tools for making curly hair are: a wig, a curling gang, a spray bottle with water, a super-strong hair gel, a wide-toothed comb and a rat-tail comb, a hair clip or clip for holding the roller in place, and A large clip for fixing hair.



  1. Combing the tangled wigs.
  2. Use a rat tail comb to divide the hair into sections, start the section from the bottom, and cut off the rest of the hair.
  3. Wet the wig with the water from the spray bottle. If you don't get wet, no matter how much hair gel you use, your hair won't be shaped.
  4. Use some frozen spray onto the hair and wrap it in the drum.
  5. Cut a hair, don't cut it too long, cut it from the bottom of the wig to the end of the hair, make sure there are no tangles or other things, then roll the end of the hair around the hair roll, and leave the rest of the hair Roll up.
  6. After the package is finished, spray the hair spray again and fix the hair curl on the base to ensure that the curl does not fall off when dry. All the hair spray and water mix together will make it very brittle, but it will help to keep curls. The cheaper your wig, the more hair gel you need.
  7. Repeat the process on the entire wig and let it rest until the hair is completely dry.



  1. The size of the curling iron will affect the size of the curls. A larger curling iron will make the synthetic wiglook more fluffy and more sandy, while a smaller curling iron will make your chemical fiber wig look more curled. In addition, you can also choose to mix and match the different size of the wheel to burn out your favorite hairstyle.
  2. The direction of the curls will affect your curling effect. You can make the curling sticks go in different directions and burn different hairs, for example: roll the hair inward, vertical curling sticks will make you have small rolls, and horizontal curling sticks will make you fuller and softer. Curly hair.
  3. You also need to pay attention to one thing. Most wigs actually need a little heat, such as using warm water in a spray bottle or heating with a hair dryer to dry the process, so your curls look more beautiful.
  4. One disadvantage of trying to make a low-quality wig is that there is usually no hair on the wig, and you may leave some huge gaps in your hair to reveal the hat. Hairpins or hair below, the quality of the wig determines the curling effect, and cheap wigs usually do not have enough hair to pull the fullness required for tight curls.


These are methods of crimping the chemical fiber wig without heating. Curls may not last as long as those with calories, but they are still worth a try. We really hope that you can learn practical things from this article to make your chemical fiber more beautiful!

  • Jul 25, 2019
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