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Can I cut a synthetic wig?

Cutting a wig is not the same thing as cutting your own hair. If your wig isn't looking good, you might not like it and throw it in the trash.

If you're not a hairstylist, it's recommended that you wear a straight synthetic wig, considering the size of your synthetic wig budget.If you want to cut your own hair at home, here's a tutorial for you.

  1. Put the wig on the wig rack and hold it in place with several t-pins.Please check if the wig rack is vertical to ensure symmetry!If necessary, clean your wig, comb your hair to make it smooth, and spray hair removal spray from root to tip to remove tangles.
  2. Divide the hair into two sections from the middle of the wig and clip each section so you can focus on one section at a time.Move your fingers down your hair until they reach your desired length.
  3. Cut your hair at a 40-degree Angle with a good quality hair clipper. This will remove some volume from the ends and create a more natural line to avoid popping up and looking strange.First, keep your hair short by 1 to 2 inches, if there is any accident, it is helpful for you to repair and trim your hair.
  4. Try putting your hair between your middle and index fingers so it flattens out rather than clumps together.Carefully cut a little piece, pay attention to your fingers.The smaller and lighter the cut, the more natural your wig will look.

     5.Continue to loosen each area and carefully trim to the desired length.Trim your entire wig until all ends are the same length.At the same time, you can trim your bangs to remove any loose hair you miss in the process.

You can decide if you want to go ahead with styling, layering, side bangs, etc., or if you're thinking of a new hairstyle, you can consult a wig designer to help you trim your wig.

That's all for today's sharing. Bye!

  • Jul 30, 2019
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