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Basic wig caps

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Basic wig caps, sometimes they are also called traditional weft caps, open weft caps, standard hats, or classic caps.

Some basic wigs are also known as headless wigs.It's a bit of a misnomer, because there's a wig and a cap. An appropriate name would be the open-weft wig hat, which has a lower density of weft and a larger spacing.

The advantage of open-weft wigs is that they are lighter and more breathable, and people like to wear them in warm weather because they keep your head cool.


Basic wig caps features:


1.Affordability: the basic wig hat is by far the cheapest wig hat type.If you want to buy several different wig styles at the same time, a basic wig hat is the most affordable way.

2.Durability: these wigs are durable.Since weft is sewn together, they do not loosen over time.

3.Precombed: the basic wig hat is precombed at the roots, which means you can put the wig directly on your head and go out.



Disadvantages of basic wigs caps:


1.Styling cons: if you're going to buy a basic wig hat, make sure you choose the hairstyle you like, because you can't take it off and restyle it, or it won't look natural.

2.Lack of hair fiber: since basic wigs are considered a cheaper option, they are usually only available for synthetic wigs, not human hair.


One tip: if you want to look the most natural, you can add a few natural strands to your hairline.


Capless basic wig:


  1. Top: can be monofilament, silk or some ordinary fabric material.In addition, there is another kind of hat called " topless", which is also made of open weft at the top.
  2. Open wet back: through wet back of the machine, the scalp can get the best ventilation effect and the maximum cooling of the scalp.
  3. Velvet hairline: adds comfort to the hairline.
  4. Adjustable label: allow the wearer to adjust.
  • Aug 02, 2019
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