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Answers to Are You Wearing a Wig

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The truth is, most of us aren't happy with how we look.Hair is an important part of our appearance, as long as you have the right hairstyle, everything is right.But there may also be moments when a stranger, or even a friend, asks a question like, "is that your real hair?""Are you wearing a wig?"Well, we hate these problems, but how do we deal with them?It's best to have a backup plan for these stupid people and awkward questions!Here we've gathered some answers for you to avoid, deflect or accept such questions.

  1. Why do you ask?

Asking a question and letting them answer instead of you is always the quickest way to deal with an unpleasant question.When you ask them, "why do you ask that?"In most cases, they won't give a good answer soon, or any answer at all.They don't care about your feelings.Let them think how rude they might find themselves.

  1. Yes, it's my hair.

You buy clothes, shoes, and many other things you need. They belong to you. They are yours!Why not hair?It doesn't matter if your hair grows out of your head, the hair you choose is your hair.

  1. Why?Yes, it is. Thanks for asking!

There's no shame in wearing a wig!More and more people wear wigs, even though they have beautiful hair of their own.Use wigs as beautiful accessories and be proud of  their beauty!

  1. Yes, it is.No, you can't touch it.

Hair is also part of the body, even if you only use it as a beauty accessory.When they're worn, they're in your personal space, and strangers and even good friends shouldn't just touch them out of curiosity or "fun."

  1. Yes, it is.I love it!

There's no shame in wearing a wig!Just like clothes, shoes and earrings, fake send you bring beauty and confidence.You should be proud of such a good thing!Let the world know - you wear a wig, you love a wig!

  • Aug 08, 2019
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